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Your Professional Safeguards

We maintain the following professional accreditations and safeguards to provide our clients the assurance they are dealing with a reputable, experienced and properly insured construction and civil engineering concern.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

It is vital that a builder or civil engineering contractor holds a current Professional Indemnity Insurance policy with a reputable underwriter, and that the cover is at sufficient level to fully protect the client in the event the project is not carried out to a professional level. This is important protection for the client in the event compensation is awarded against the contractor

Public Liability Insurance

The builder or civil engineering contractor should hold Public Liability Insurance at sufficient level to cover any claims as a result of death or injury to any member of the public, or property damage related to carrying out the project

Tax Clearance

The builder or civil engineering contractor should be able to produce a valid Revenue Tax Clearance Certificate for the last financial year. This proves up to date tax payment status and is an indication of the stable financial condition of the builder or contractor

Construction Industry Federation (CIF) - Member

CIF is the national and regional representative body for the construction industry in Ireland and is recognised by Government and public bodies across the country. More information on the CIF can be accessed from the Links page on this site